Who doesn’t love a good challenge?!  30 days is just long enough for me to capitalize on my new found motivation yet not so long that the challenge loses it’s luster and I crash and burn.

As my kids are growing, life is getting busier, they’re accumulating more stuff, and that stuff has nowhere to go.  Hence my general level of insanity on the daily because I have been looking at the same toys on the floor, the same piles of paper that don’t have a home, and the same overall disheveled appearance of my home.  Not cool, my friends, not cool.

So it is time I get this under control and yet, who has time to organize their whole house?  So this month I’m spending 15 mins a day to save me 15 minutes of sanity (there’s a Geico reference in there somewhere) by organizing one area of my home every day.

I will be setting a timer on my phone for 15 minutes and tackling the project until the timer goes off.  If you’re anything like me if you don’t limit it to 15 minutes it will take up way too much time and your house will end up looking worse than when you started and you’ll be cleaning the inside of the pencil cup on your desk because it seemed necessary.  So I’m giving myself a maximum of 15 minutes… no more!

Care to join me?  Here’s what I’ll be doing this month and would love to have some accountability buddies.  Follow my instagram stories this month as I update you on my progress.


Happy Organizing!

<3 Krista

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