Anyone else an Oprah fanatic?  As a kid both of my parents worked full time so after school Oprah basically raised me 🙂   I guess it’s better than what most kids home alone could be doing so I’m sure my parents couldn’t complain.

Oprah has a way of telling you what you need to hear without feeling like she was a nagging mom.  One of the ways she did that was through her “things I know for sure” talks and magazine articles.  I’m turning 34 this week.  Not a milestone birthday, but still another trip around the sun.

So in honor of my 34th year, I thought I’d share my 34 things I know for sure.

  1. Daily quiet time brings you life.  Find the time.  For me it’s early mornings, for my husband it’s late nights.  Find your time.
  2. Hand written notes don’t go out of style.  If someone pops into your head you should take the time to write to them.
  3. Connecting with people is what we’re designed to do.  Even if you’re introverted.  Even if you don’t like people.  Find a way to connect with people.  We’re not supposed to do this thing called life alone and isolated.
  4. The best friends are the kind who are going the same direction in life as you but also hold you to a higher standard.  They want you to live your best life and give you permission to hold them to the same standard.
  5. Hurting people hurt people.  Don’t take it personally.
  6. Prayer is just talking to God.  Don’t overthink it.
  7. Even the best marriages require constant effort.
  8. Pineapple on pizza is what’s right in this world.
  9. Despite it’s shortcomings, everyone should live in California for at least a year.  The diversity is one of the things I’m most proud of about my home state.  Whether you agree with people or not, you can learn so much about people living here.
  10. You need people you can call on for help.  If you don’t have a tribe you should be the one to create it.
  11. Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you should buy it.
  12. Don’t take advice from someone you wouldn’t trade places with.  You wouldn’t take advice from a couch potato on running a marathon so why would you take advice on what you should do with your life from someone who’s life you don’t want?
  13. Black jelly beans are what’s wrong in this world.
  14. You are far more capable than you could imagine. (Still working on this one myself)
  15. You can tell what people value based on what they spend their time on and what they spend their money on.  If they say they value something but don’t invest time or money into it, don’t believe them.
  16. Fall is the best season.  Nothing tops pumpkins, over sized sweaters and boots.
  17. You would be a lot kinder to yourself if you talked to yourself like you would talk to a child.
  18. There’s not always a relationship between effort and outcome.  Don’t let that stop you from giving your effort in the future.
  19. Student loans- avoid at all costs!  And if you can’t avoid, then plan, prepare, and be ready to start making good money right away to pay them off before you retire.  But I’m not bitter about it or anything.
  20. Credit Cards- See #19
  21. If your ship gets off course, it’s your job to redirect it.  Nobody can get it back on course except you.
  22. You can work out daily but if you don’t eat the right foods you won’t get the results you’re looking for.
  23. Make a decision.  If it’s a bad one, at least you’ll figure that out and adjust, and if it’s a good one, then great!  But sitting in indecision doesn’t benefit anyone, especially you.
  24. Most challenges with your kids are for a season. Some seasons are longer than others.  When you’re in the thick of it, it feels never ending but it will eventually come to an end.
  25. In the same regard, most of your favorite moments as a parent are short lived.  Hold on to them while you can.  The baby snuggles, the toddler discoveries, the figuring out what they’re good at, the becoming independent people, all of it comes and goes in the blink of an eye.  Soak it in.
  26. We’re all much more alike than we think.  For the most part we want the same things, we just have different ideas about how we get there.
  27. Grief never goes away, but you will get to a point where you can smile when you think of that person instead of crying.  Remember that day.  It’s a really big deal when you make it there.
  28. Watching true crime shows by yourself right before bed is never a good idea.
  29. There isn’t a better sound in the world than your children laughing deep belly laughs.
  30. Your children won’t remember the toys you bought them but they will remember the time you spend with them.
  31. The words you speak have the power to bring energy into the world.  Make sure you’re bringing good energy.
  32. Most people won’t understand your hustle.  Keep going.
  33. Recipe tip: Add extra cheese.  The end.
  34. God is real.  If I could share every story on how He moved in our lives I would have a novel to share. He has a purpose for your life.  You matter.  You are supposed to be here.

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