Another year has come and gone. Anyone else still processing the fact that 2020 happened and we’re already about to head into 2022?!

Every year I like to share our Christmas budget and what we actually spent in the hopes it inspires you to do more with less and serves as a reminder that you don’t have to spend a ton to show your love to the important people in your life this time of year.

This year we added a new member of our family with the arrival of our new baby girl this October. Since she’s so little we are giving her a lot of hand me down gifts and not spending much on her but it still increased our budget just a tad.

Our budget for Christmas gifts this year was $650

Let’s break down what we spent….

Gifts for my husband and myself: $0

We usually don’t get gifts for each other to save money. There may come a day when we decide to include it in our budget but for now we’re fine just focusing on the kids.

Gifts for Selah (our 2 month old baby girl)- $0

Don’t worry, she’s not being deprived! We wanted to make sure she had gifts from Santa so we saved some hand me downs that were given to us and we’ll be giving them to her at Christmas. We had plenty to give to her without spending anything and since she’s so little, she won’t know or care that they’re gently used. (and my big kids probably wouldn’t care either quite frankly)

Gifts for Evan (our 7 year old son) $100

Dangerous Animals Book $5

Lion Lego Set $12

Minecraft Lego Set $16

Minecraft hat $15

Runaway Basketball $30

Where’s Waldo Book $7

Socks $10

Play doh $5

Gifts for Farrah (our 12 year old daughter) $105

Pajama Bottoms $7

Capable Teen Planner $20

Moon Lamp $25

Table Top Foosball Table $20

Volleyball $10

Where’s Waldo Book $8

Devotional $10

Play doh $5

Christmas Eve gifts $81

Every year the kids get a gift to open on Christmas Eve. It’s always Christmas pajamas, an ornament for the tree and a new Christmas book.

Pajamas $46

Ornaments $20

Books $15ish

I bought 2 books last year after Christmas that were on clearance for the big kids and I don’t quite remember how much they were but I think they were around $10 for both and I bought one for the baby this year for $5.

Nieces and Nephews $157

Frog game$12

Princess Sticker Book $9

Coloring book $8

Scented Twist up crayons $8

Table Top Magna Ball Game $40

Money for college accounts $80

Our parents

Shutterfly photo book $40

Other gifts

White Elephant gift for my my husband’s work party

Iced Coffee Maker $25

Teacher and School admin gifts

Mint Bliss Foot Creams (x2) $11 each

Starbucks gift cards $50

Amazon gift cards $30

Miscellaneous gifts for friends and acquaintances (candles, plants, candy, etc) $40

Total: $650

On the dot friends! We somehow managed to spend exactly what we had budgeted… a Christmas miracle! That’s never happened before and probably won’t happen again. How did you do this year? Anything you’d do differently?

Wishing you all the best Christmas and a Happy New Year!

<3 Krista

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