Dear 2022,

Can you just not, please?

K, Thnx.

Seriously though, I was really hopeful there for a minute that we could have a few minutes without an “unprecedented event.”

I don’t need to tell you that things are expensive out there. Gas prices are sky high and aside from staying home there’s not much you can do to save money there. But what about groceries? While prices are surging on lots of grocery staples and supply is low, all hope is not lost. Here are a few ways you can cut your grocery budget to keep your costs down during this costly season.

Re-Evaluate where you shop

Not all stores are created equal. You may want to consider a discount grocery store instead of a traditional grocery store with higher prices. Maybe big box wholesale stores were your go-to but you find yourself spending $500 every time you go so now might be the time to swap trips to that store for another store where you’re not as tempted to over spend.

Be flexible with what you buy

Some items may be much pricier than others right now so be flexible when you can. If you haven’t already been buying store brand to save money, you may want to consider that now. Meat prices are going up and supply is low, so now might be a good time to look up recipes for vegetarian meals that use things like beans and lentils. You may need to be willing to skip your usual staples if they’re not on sale and try something new that is a better value.

Commit to not wasting anything

Did you know Americans waste about 40% of all food? According to Feeding America, about 130 billion meals which equates to about $408 billion of food is thrown away every year. I know most of us don’t mean to waste food, but without proper planning, it’s easy to do. Before you go to the store, always check your refrigerator and pantry first to see what items you have that need to be used before they go to waste and plan your meals around that. Save leftovers to eat the next day or freeze for a later date.

Use grocery pickup when possible

If your grocery store offers free store pickup not only does that save you time but it can also save you money because you’re not wandering around the store being tempted by all the items you see. If you do go into the store, use the calculator on your phone to add up the total cost of what’s in your cart. That way it’s easier to stick to your budget and there’s no surprises at checkout.

Take advantage of rebates when you shop

There are lots of apps you can use that will give you cash back when you shop at selected retailers. I use the Ibotta app and simply check the app before I shop to see if any items I need might currently have an offer that I can take advantage of. It adds up and at the end of the year I cash out and put it towards Christmas shopping!

If you don’t currently use Ibotta you can sign up HERE to get started and use my referral code rdgupxl

If you try using some of these strategies let me know how they work for you!

<3 Krista

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