“It takes a village” they said.
::Looks around… sees no village::

Sound familiar? You hear that having a village as a mom is key, and you’re sold on how it can support you as you pay off debt and start prioritizing savings but you don’t have one so…. now what?

Are you destined to have to do it all yourself and forgo the idea of a village? Absolutely not. Whether you have local family and friends or not, I believe everyone can have a support system as a mom, you just might have to be willing to go first.

Here’s what that looks like:

In order to start building your support network, you first need to be the one to offer support.

I often talk about how my kids have all gotten hand-me-down clothes and toys and it has saved us a ton of money. I’ve had people reach out to me asking how to do that if you don’t know anyone offering hand-me-downs. And my answer is: Start by offering the clothes and toys your kids have outgrown to other moms. The school mom group chat, the neighborhood facebook group, the fellow baseball moms that are all hanging out at practice. Offer up what you have first.

I know this sounds backwards but I have seen the moms who are the most giving be the ones that first come to mind when other people are ready to pass on their things. If people don’t know who you are, they can’t support you. (I’m talking to you, fellow introverts) On the flip side, if they see your name pop up time and time again, supporting other moms, they will think of you in return.

Need help with afternoon carpool so you can work a couple extra hours? Start offering to give rides during morning carpool. Your willingness to show up for others will build the village that will start showing up for you too.

I know we don’t do this intentionally, but sometimes we get so caught up in the help that we need that we forget other people need help too

So if I could sum it up in one easy step for you it would be this: Whatever would support you right now in building your village is the first thing you should start offering up in your circles.

I believe the energy you put out you will receive back tenfold.

What things have you done to build your village?

Rooting for you,

<3 Krista

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