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About Me

Where do I begin?

I’ll start with my faith.  I have always been an optimist but when I gave my life to Jesus it became so much more than that.  I met my amazing (no seriously friends, amazing!) husband working in a sandwich shop in college and we have been together ever since.  We got married in 2008 and our life was forever changed when we welcomed our first child Farrah into the world at the end of 2009.  We were living on love for quite a while.  Job changes, buying a house, all of that took a toll on our finances.  My husband was working a lot.  I was juggling my home based business and life as a new mom.  And then we decided to add another one to our bunch.  My son Kellen was born in 2012 and life went from busy to crazy busy quickly.  But I loved every second of my time with my kids.

On October 29th of 2013 my world was forever changed when I went in to get my 11 month old son from his crib in the morning and found that he had passed away in his sleep.  We don’t know exactly what happened and probably never will.  Overnight we made the decision for my husband to step away from his job so we could focus on our family.  It was the best decision for us but also had a significant impact on our finances.

Life seemed to be hitting us all at once.  One crisis seemed to bleed into another and the feeling of losing control in so many areas of my life was overwhelming.  I knew we needed to do something different with our finances now that we were living on one income but starting the process can be so overwhelming.  Everyone that I looked to as an “expert” in finance seemed to be so distant from where we were and I couldn’t relate to anyone.  So instead of an entire overhaul I just decided to be more mindful.  More mindful with my everyday decisions.  More mindful with where I spent my money.  More mindful with where I spent my time.  More mindful with who I surrounded myself with. In the process I developed some systems that worked for our family and wanted to share with others.  It can be lonely when you feel like you’re the only one that has to watch every dollar spent.  And yet when I shared with others, I heard from so many of them that they were in the same boat.

So the idea for Money Mindful Moms was born.  A place to escape when you feel like you can’t manage to stare at your budget any longer, and need to be reminded that it’s worth it.  A place where you can connect with others walking the same path when it feels like you’re the only one.  A place to get cheap date night ideas and fresh meal ideas.  A place where you can say “these are my people.”  I am far from an expert, and we’re still working on getting to where we want to be financially, but it’s so much more fun to do this with friends.  So share your ideas with me!  Leave comments and share what you’d love help with.  I’d love to hear from you and get to know you better!