Have you ever felt like money should be much simpler than it is?  You’re a good person, you try to do the right thing so money should just sort of work itself out, right?  But what if it’s not “just working itself out?”

Hi friend!  I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Krista.  Born and raised California girl.  Lover of good coffee and quiet mornings (on the rare occasion that happens.)

I launched this blog back in 2017 because I saw a need for moms to have someone who knows first hand what they’re going through to provide a space for them to learn about getting out of debt and building wealth.

When we started on our debt free journey, I wished I had someone that was driving carpool, changing diapers, and making meals (…so many meals!) sharing what worked for them.  No offense to all the old guys in suits telling me what I should do but I just couldn’t relate!

I always assumed I would be one of those moms who worked hard and had really nice couches from Pottery Barn because, you know, when you work hard you get to have all the nice things. Instead I worked hard and had hand-me-down everything because we couldn’t afford to buy new Walmart furniture let alone new Pottery Barn furniture.

Between student loans, credit cards and medical debt, my husband and I had managed to rack up 6 figures of debt in our 20’s.  I wanted to enjoy the season of having a young family but instead my days were filled with stress about how we would get out from under this problem.

We had to do something.  My solution?  Food.

I had to start somewhere, and with my limited financial knowledge I knew the one thing I was able to do was to get a handle on the amount of money we spent on food.  So I started paying attention to prices, finding cheap meals, and limiting the amount we spent eating out.

It wasn’t a 6 figure solution but it was a start. It was just the beginning of our debt payoff journey.

I thought I was the only mom in my circle that was experiencing this but the more I talked about it, the more I realized how many moms were struggling with the same thing.

So the idea for Money Mindful Moms was born.  A place to escape when you feel like you can’t manage to stare at your budget any longer.  A place to hear what’s working for other moms in the same boat.  A place to get cheap date night ideas and fresh meal ideas.  A place where you can say “these are my people.”

So if you found yourself relating to any part of my story, I hope you’ll take a look around, grab some ideas that may support your money goals, and drop a comment to say hey!

You can also find me on instagram @moneymindfulmoms sharing lots more money and mom life content.  Send me a DM and say hi!  I’d love to connect with you!

<3 Krista