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  • 15 Cheap Dinner Recipes for when you’re starting or re-starting a budget - These past few months I’ve been watching our grocery spending creep up and up. I’ve narrowed it down to a few different reasons: -Increased cost in some foods (I can’t do anything about that) -Kids eating more snacks now that we’re home a lot more […]
  • What I’m focusing on in this season- A life update - Can I just address the elephant in the room for a minute? What hasn’t 2020 brought us? I probably shouldn’t even say that because I don’t want the universe to see that as a challenge. I certainly don’t have the answers for everyone, but here’s […]
  • Christmas Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods - I can’t be the only one who has every intention of doing all the things at Christmas time and then ends up doing about 13% of those things because, well, mom life!  This time of year is so busy and I would love to bake […]
  • Finding your tribe: an introvert’s guide to making friends - Have I ever mentioned that I’m an introvert?  If I could stay home every night and catch up on the DVR with my husband I would.  Maybe that makes me lazy, maybe it just makes me an introvert.  Not really sure where you draw the […]
  • 15 Easy Thanksgiving Activities, Crafts and Games for Kids! - Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  When it’s over I get a little sad knowing I will have to wait another 364 days to experience it again.  There’s something about watching the parade, football, family time, cooking and elastic waistband pants that brings me so much […]
  • How to travel on a budget - Vacation.  A word that can simultaneously make you excited and anxious all at once.  Excited for the chance to make memories with your family. Anxious about the inevitable tired, grumpy kids and, of course, the cost.  We recently took a family trip down to San […]
  • The top 10 budget friendly activities to do with your kids this October - Long before it was trendy and cool, I have been a lover of all things fall.  I’m a California girl so it’s not even like I get to experience a true fall but even a California fall is better than any other season anywhere else […]